Saturday 11 June 2011

Newman Termly Mass: and videos

The President of the Newman Society this term is actually a member of the Schola, so it was appropriate that we sang for their termly Mass. It took place in the Oxford Oratory, and we had some splendid polyphony too - see videos below.
2011 06 07_0044
More photos.

A selection of pieces from the Mass. The polyphony was by Guillaume Dufay, with the exception of a Byrd motet at the Offertory. Dufay was a highly influential composer of the 15th Century; see his Wikipedia entry.

A Gloria by Dufay.

The Greater and Lesser Alleluias.

The Offertory, Stetit Angelus, followed by a motet, Byrd's Memento salutis auctor.

The Benedictus, also by Dufay, sung after the Consecration.

The Communion (Angeli Archangeli) followed by motet, Dufay's Flos florum.

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wrtlx said...

Hello Joseph,
I found your gregorian chant blog while searching for the Gradual "Benedicta et venerabilis es". I hope you don't mind me using your videos from time to time as links in my own blog posts. I write a german blog about gregorian chant, mainly analysing the chants and giving some hints how to practice them.
I am looking forward to publishing own mp3 recordings of my schola within a short time.

god bless you