Monday 24 October 2022

Michaelmas Term and Christmas Vacation

Masses at which the Schola Abelis will be singing.

 Sundays at Holy Rood, 5pm (note that Sunday 30th October is the Feast of Christ the King)

Tuesday 1st November: All Saints, 6pm Sung, SS Gregory & Augustine's 

Saturday 26th November: 11:30am High Mass of Requiem, Oxford Oratory 

Thursday 8th December: Immaculate Conception, 6pm Sung Mass SS Gregory & Augustine’s

Saturday 24th December: 6pm Anticipated, Sung Midnight Mass, SS Gregory & Augustine’s

Friday 6th January: Epiphany 6pm Sung, SS Gregory & Augustine’s

Thurs 2nd February: Candlemas 6pm Sung, SS Gregory & Augustine’s

Friday 7 October 2022

The Schola Abelis

Welcome to the website of the Schola Abelis.

We are no longer registered as a student society but we are still active. We sing on Sundays in Holy Rood in the Abingdon Road at 5pm, on Holy Days at SS Gregory & Augustine's in the Woodstock Road at 6pm, and on other occasions.

If you wish to join us, please drop us an email. We accept singers of all levels of experience.

Saturday 1 May 2021

Trinity Term 2021

It seems we will be able to sing this term, Deo gratias.

Every Sunday: 4:30 rehearsal for 5pm Mass, Holy Rood, Abingdon Road

Feast days at SS Gregory & Augustine's, Woodstock Road (5:15 for Mass at 6pm)

3rd Week: Ascension, Thursday 13th May

6th Week: Corpus Christi, Thursday 3rd June

7th Week: Sacred Heart, Friday 11th June

Long Vacation

SS Peter & Paul, Tuesday 29th June

Most Precious Blood, Thursday 1st July

Email if you want to take part!

Tuesday 6 October 2020

Term Card Michaelmas 2020: Singing and the Coronavirus

Singing and the Coronavirus

We can sing again! With some limitations, however.

First, the Schola exists to support liturgical events. While these are limited, so is our activity.

Second, the number of singers at a particular event is going to be limited by the capacity of the venues.

So we do want to hear from potential singers and we do have opportunities for singing. How this works in practice will depend on how many people want to join us. Committement ahead of a performance will be particularly important.

We will need to feel our way in terms of the ever-evolving official guidlines, the events we are called on to support, and the number of people wishing to sing. 

  • We will be singing on Sundays at 5pm at Holy Rood, Abingdon Road (though not Sunday 18th October)

We will be singing for occasional Masses at SS Gregory & Augustine's, Woodstock Road:

  • Monday 2nd November (4th Week): All Souls, 6pm
  • Monday 2nd December (8th Week), Feast of the Martyrs of Oxford University, 6pm
Time committment is minimal: we rehearse on the day immediatel before the service. 

Email us on if you would like to join us on these dates.

Monday 27 January 2020

Term Card Hillary 2020

Sadly, from 20th March our events have had to be cancelled due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

Wed 26th: Ash Wednesday
6pm Sung Mass, SS Gregory & Augustine's

Fri 6th, Ember Friday, 7:30pm Sung Mass, English Martyrs, Didcot

Sunday 15th, 12 noon Sung Mass, SS Gregory & Augustine's

Saturday 21st, 11:30am High Mass, Our Lady and St Anne, Caversham

Sunday 22nd, 11am Sung Mass, Holy Trinity, Hethe

Wednesday 25th: Annunciation of the BVM
6pm Sung Mass, SS Gregory & Augustine's

Thursday 10 October 2019

Welcome to the OUGCS: Michaelmas Term 2019

Here is our Term Card

Regular opportunities to sing:
Sundays, 5pm, Holy Rood,
Abingdon Road

1st Week
Dominican Chant
Saturday 19th Oct 11am
Oxford Blackfriars

3rd Week
All Saints
Friday 1st Nov 6pm
SS Gregory & Augustine’s Woodstock Rd

4th Week
Annual Requiem
Saturday 9th Nov 10:30am
St Benet's Hall

6th Week
St Cecelia
Friday 22nd Nov 7:30pm
English Martyrs Church, Didcot

9th Week
St Lucy
Friday 13th Dec 6pm
SS Gregory & Augustine’s, Oxford

Thursday 11 April 2019

Trinity and Summer Vacation Term Card

Note: Masses in bold are Schola Masses where student singer may receive a stipend; other Masses are those at which we are invited to participate.

4th Week
Sunday 19th May
12 noon, Sung Mass at SS Gregory & Augustine's

5th Week
Thurs 30th May: Ascension
6pm Sung Mass at SS Gregory & Augustine's

7th Week
Sunday 9th June: Whitsun
12 noon Sung Mass, Holy Trinity, Hethe

Saturday 15th June: Whit Saturday (Ember Sat of Pentecost)
10:30am Sung or High Mass, Holy Rood Church, Abingdon Road, Oxford

8th Week
Sunday 16th June: Trinity Sunday
12 noon Sung Mass at SS Gregory & Augustine's

Thurs 20th June: Corpus Christi
6pm Sung Mass at SS Gregory & Augustine's

Long Vacation
Friday 28th June: Sacred Heart
6pm Sung Mass at SS Gregory & Augustine's

Saturday 29th June: SS Peter & Paul
10:30am Sung Mass at SS Gregory & Augustine's

Tuesday 2nd July: Visitation
7:30pm English Martyrs, Didcot

Sun 28th July
12 noon Sung Mass at SS Gregory & Augustine's

Tues 6th August: Transfiguration
6pm Sung Mass at SS Gregory & Augustine's

Thurs 15th August: Assumption
6pm Sung Mass at SS Gregory & Augustine's

Sunday 18th August
12 noon Sung Mass at SS Gregory & Augustine's