Saturday 26 June 2010

Videos of Milton Manor Mass

The last Mass of term, and of the academic year, was at Milton Manor House on Saturday 19th August. We had a Votive Mass of Our Lady with a polyphonic Ordinary, Missa Sancta Mater, by Francisco Guerro.

Introit: Salve sancta parens

Gradual Benedicta et venerabilis & Alleluia Post partum Virgo

Offertory motet

Sanctus and Benedictus (before and after the consecration)

For photos of the Mass, see here.

Friday 25 June 2010

Videos of Newman Mass

I've been having a lot of trouble with camcorders and software, and now have a backlog of videos. Here are three of the Newman Society Termly Mass back in March 2010. This was a pontifical Mass celebrated by Abbot Brogan of Farnbrough. It was the Monday after the 3rd Sunday of Lent, a feria.

We sang from the front of the nave, vested, the first time we have done this. There would not be room in the sanctuary for a liturgical schola - certainly not for a schola of our size, there were eight of us.


Introit, In Deo laudabo

Gradual Deus vitam meam, and the Tract Domine non secundum, the latter of which is sung every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Feria Mass of Lent.

Offertory Exaudi Deus

A report on the Mass and the dinner which followed can be seen here.