Saturday 11 February 2012

Milton Manor

IMG_0002 The annual Latin Mass Society Mass in Milton Manor is one of three annual Masses we have in the historic homes of the Catholic gentry whose private chapels served as the centres of Catholic life for centuries after the Reformation. Milton Manor's chapel is particularly lovely.

The snow reduced the size of the congregation, as we took the opportunity to sing from the back of the chapel, instead of the little loft they have.
Afterwards we had a very agreeable lunch in an Italian restaurant in nearby Abingdon, Limoncello.

Wednesday 8 February 2012

Masses in Reading and Oxford

I've not been processing videos recently, since I need new processing software and anyway I've not had the time. But we have had some splendid Masses already this term.

We sang in SS Gregory and Augustine three Masses in succession: Sunday 15th January, Epiphany, and Candlemas. We had a very large schola for 15th Jan, including polyphonists. IMG_8695

Epiphany was a beautiful candlelit Mass, with the blessing of candles. IMG_8663

Candlemas also included the procession, at which there are a number of special chants.

Last Sunday we were in Reading.

We had polyphony there too and had a very jolly lunch afterwards. This Saturday we are singing at Milton Manor, in the private chapel of the Barret (now Mockler-Barret) family, an opportunity to see this lovely house and the chapel dedicated by the saintly Bishop Richard Challoner. Mass is at 11.30am, and will be celebrated by Fr Anthony Conlon.