Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Videos of St Agatha Mass

On 5th Feb we were in the Chapel of Milton Manor House, a historic Catholic house near Abingdon, where Fr Anthony Conlon sang Mass which we accompanied. The feast was St Agatha, who has special propers of particular interest: the Communion antiphon is highly unusual in not being from scripture, but instead refers to her legend, and in particular the miraculous restoration of her breasts which had been cut off during the course of her mistreatment before her martyrdom: 'mamilam meam meo pectori restituere'. The picture above shows St Peter curing her.

Our polyphonists sang Joseph Obrecht's Missa de tous biens pleyne.


Gradual & Alleluia

Offertory with Offertory verses

Obrecht's Sanctus & Benedictus

A polyphonic Ave Regina Caelorum, by Leonel Power.

For a report on this Mass see here.

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