Monday 3 November 2008

All Souls at the Oxford Oratory

Last week we benefited from one of the regular visits of our professional coach, Mr Adrian Taylor, who is based in London. Here is a picture of him with the schola at our regular practice session.
This was in preparation for the feast of All Souls, celebrated with a traditional Missa Cantata at the Oxford Oratory. We had a large schola for the occasion, which is helpful in such a reletively large church, especially since we sing from the choir loft at the back.
Fr Anton Webb, who has himself sung with us in the past, was the celebrant at the Mass. Other former singers were among the servers; we had the full ceremonies, with incense. About sixty people were present for the Mass.
The Oxford Oratory, like Westminster Cathedral, is full of scaffolding at the moment. The purpose, however, is not structural repair but the long-awaited restoration of the internal decoration, which was painted over in a fit of enthusiasm for 'noble simplicity' by the Jesuit guardians of the church in the 1950s.

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